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Silver Lining Necklace

This pretty little silver cloud necklace reminds us that every cloud has a silver lining.

Asymmetric Skull Necklace - The Johnny

The Johnny Asymmetrical Necklace by Sydney designer Geometric Skies is the perfect piece for a beautiful woman with just a touch of danger.

Lava Rock Bracelet - The Lachlan

This lava rock bracelet, handmade in Sydney by Geometric Skies sure is a conversation starter! Lava rock is just that, rock formed from lava erupting from a volcano! Polished until it's smooth, it's deceptively light and feels cool against your skin.

Lava Rock Necklace - The James

Looking for a statement necklace you won't find anywhere else? Then look no further than the James necklace from Geometric Skies.

Body Chain - The Scarlett

The Scarlett body chain, handmade in Sydney, is so simple yet so fashion forward - it's amazing! It is designed to be fitted around the collar with the geometric bib sitting along the front of your body, the draped chains arcing around your ribcage and up the middle of your back.

Asymmetric Necklace - The Leonardo

We love this unique asymmetric necklace with haematite beads, handmade in Sydney by Geometric Skies.

Body Chain - The Hamish

This tri-colour, 3 chain body chain handmade in Sydney by Geometric Skies is simply killer! This fashion forward piece features 3 types of metal; sterling silver, aluminium and gun metal, giving it a unique and edgy vibe.

Vintage Blue Gold '50s Bracelet

This is a very chic vintage blue and gold '50s bracelet.

Vintage Petrified Wood Pendant

This is a beautiful petrified wood pendant surrounded by an oranate gold frame.

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